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Frequently asked questions

Daily from 8:00 – 17:00

  • Wannadive @ Grand Windsock resort: 3 EEG Boulevard, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands
  • Wannadive @ Eden Beach resort: Boulevard Gob. Debrot 73, Bonaire, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands
  • Air and Nitrox 32%
  • We have Din and international (yoke) connections available
  • 10 Liter (63CFT) and 12 Liter (80CFT) tanks

You can fill out our contact form (INSERT hyperlink for contact form) or sent us an email: Or look on our website to book your diving directly: (insert hyperlink to Booking page)

The Bonaire National Marine Park requires all divers to attend the Bonaire Marine Park orientation and to do a short buoyancy dive, just to check that you are properly weighted and that your equipment is functioning properly. This orientation dive can be done with or without a dive guide. If you wish to do this dive with a guide please contact us ( so we can schedule.

If you haven’t been diving for over a year we strongly recommend that you refresh your diving skills and knowledge with a refresher course. In this 2,5 hour program we will go over the basic diving theory again and freshen up your diving skills. We will also do a weight and gear check in the ocean, and make a nice dive!